... Oh Antonio!

I am passionate about Christ, Texas, the arts, storytelling, engineering and food.

I am not this Antonio Delgado but this Antonio Delgado.

I live in Austin, TX with my cat Lauren.

I get excited learning about Christ, the execution of Christianity and the differences of doctrine vs theology.

I have been writing music since I met Chris Rohloff in high school. I still can’t believe that has been almost 20 years. Over the years, I have played and toured in several bands, most you never heard of.

  • mebutnot
  • Project For Pablo
  • The Whisper Campaign
  • in all his splendour
  • in all her sincerity
  • Magnificat
  • Dear Science

In these bands, I opened for bands you probably have heard of:

  • Starflyer59
  • Fold Zandura
  • The Violet Burning
  • Jars of Clay
  • aberdeen
  • coolhandluke
  • mewithoutyou
  • as i lay dying
  • Farewell Flight

Through the act songwriting, I became passionate and to leading congregational singing for local churches.  I have a desire to see the church verbally and openly proclaim Christ through all forms of art.

Today, you can find me working on building guitar pedals, eating, sitting on my patio songwriting, recording in my home studio, working as an engineer, drinking a good glass of wine, running town lake or writing children’s books.
I live in downtown Austin with my cat Lauren. Lauren is my longest running relationship!

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