RBI Austin, OVRLD, Trazzler and AustinWritesMusic – Portfolio Update

Over the last few months, I have had the privilege to work with some amazing people. One organization that I have had the opportunity to accompany is RBI Austin. They assist a low income community on the east side of Austin.  RBI’s main objective is to help kids remain in school and enforce life skills through baseball.

RBI Austin, along with the help of Major League Baseball and it’s alumni, creates clinics and maintains a number of city leagues. Through this, I have had the good fortune to become one of their photographers. It is beautiful to see the kids having fun and smiling.

I was blessed when I found out that they were using the picture to the left on their website.

Regardless, of who we are or where we are at, let’s get involved and leave this world a better place. You would be surprised how much a photograph means to somebody.


In late February, I won 1st Place for of the Weekly Worldwide Photo Contest I submitted to Trazzler. The photo is of Domy Books in Austin, TX. If you haven’t been by, you need to check this place out!


The Little Radar pic has been getting good use which is a beautiful thing! If you haven’t gotten their record yet, you are missing out!


Little Radar – ATX